Docter 2,5-10x48 céltávcső


Top-class optics for hunting – Made in Germany
High optical performance
Thanks to the specially designed optics and a newly developed
DOCTERmultitop multilayer coating, DOCTERclassic riflescopes
offer incomparable image brilliance and colour correctness.
Top mechanical toughness
The high-precision alignment of the optical system in a hightensile
aircraft aluminium tube guarantees reliable operation and
permanent shock resistance. Nitrogen filling and hermetic sealing
keep a DOCTER riflescope permanently dust-free, weather and
climate resistant.
Cutting edge optical technology
The latest discoveries in optics and manufacturing technology are
used in developing and refining our products. Through extensive
research optical quality and reliability have been improved
Proven quality
Our telescopic sights are exhaustively tested and are subject to strict
quality control – item by item. These strict standards are prescribed
by the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and applied by DOCTER.
● For years our riflescopes have been made to the highest
optical and mechanical standards. They are the result of
many years’experience in modelling optical systems with
the finest image reproduction.
● The optical systems of all our riflescope are factory-adjusted
to be parallax-free to 100 m.
● The image-inversion system ensures that the reticle remains
centred in the field of vision, even after subsequent
adjustment (centred reticle).
● The reliability of riflescopes is not affected by even the
most extreme climatic conditions.
● DOCTER riflescopes are permanently shockproof and reliable,
thanks to the precision mounting of their optical systems.
● The adjustment range of any reticle can be varied in one
direction without affecting the others.
● The precision adjustment system guarantees exact click
adjustment and reproducible sight settings
2.5x - 10x
Objektív átmérő; (mm)
Nézőke átmérő (mm)
15 / 4.8
Szemlencse távolság
Szürkületi érték
7.1 / 21.9
Látómező; 100m-en, m
12.4 / 4.2
7.1 / 2.4
1 vonás 100m-en, cm
Teljes szélesség/magasság cm-ben 100m-en
Középcső; átmérő (mm)
Objektívcső átmérő; (mm)
Hossz nullpozícióban (mm)
Súly (g)