Product details:

Steyr became famous during the 1990's with its legendary LP1 as it achieved success after success. The logical successor is now born with the LP 2 which will also have the same technical details as the famous LP1. The LP2 is a thoroughly modern air pistol which fulfils high quality standards and offers the same individual adjustments you expect from Steyr. • The grip can be turned on the action in all directions giving you an optimized grip adjustments with the ideal finger position to the trigger. Shooters around the world have flocked to the Steyr for this reason- No cutting, filing, grinding are required on the frame to get that perfect grip position. • Technical Data LP2 • Intended purpose: single shot wadcutter pellets • Power: compressed air • Caliber: 4.5 mm /.177 • Length / Height / Width in mm: 390 / 148 / 50 • Weight: 905 g (without barrel weights) • Sight radius: adjustable from 311 - 335 mm • Front sight: moveable front sight, width 4.5 mm • Rear sight: rear sight 3.5 or 4 mm • Trigger weight: 500 g (corresp. to ISSF shooting rules) first stage weight, length and overtravel can be adjusted individually • Trigger blade: adjustable in length by 8 mm, can be angled up to 30°
grip: right hand, medium size